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Apr 2021

Episode 18- Evangelism Through Social Media

Mike sits down with staff member Nick Wilson discussing his background and what he does at Life behind the scenes. As well as, how we can use social media for evangelism.

Mar 2021

Episode 17- Creating Environments to Reach People

Mike and Isaac sit down to talk through the idea of how to create environments to reach people. Not just adults, but the missing generation from the church (18-24 year olds).

Mar 2021

Don’t be soft:Be Intentional

Mike sits down with Nick Kopkey for a second time. They discuss their faith journey through the past year with the pandemic. Also, they talk through on how to not "be soft" in your faith journey and how to be intentional with it.

Mar 2021

Episode 15- Influences

Mike sits down with Nick Kopkey and talks through Nicks spiritual journey and background. As well as, discuss how society and culture influences us.

Feb 2021

Episode 14- The Power of the Holy Spirit

Jenny and Mike talk through the final week of the mastermind series. Also, discussing how powerful the Holy Spirit is and how he can work through our lives.

Feb 2021

episode 13- Taking Advantage of Gods Opportunity

Jenny and Mike talk through week three of mastermind and how to take advantage  of the opportunities that God gives to us. Also, Jenny acts on her dare to eat something hot.

Feb 2021

Episode 12- Putting the Word into Action

Jenny and Mike talk about week two of Mastermind and how to put the word into action through prayer and petition.

Jan 2021

Episode 11- Mastering Your Mind

Jenny and Mike talk through the progress of their New Years resolutions and go over Week 1 of the mastermind series. 

Jan 2021

Episode 10- Goals

Jenny and Mike sit down and talk through their goals for 2021. As well as, how to accomplish the goals you set and the importance of setting faith goals for the year.

Dec 2020

Episode 9- Living With a Forgiving Spirit

Jenny and Mike sit down with Brady this week and talk through the concept of how to live goal oriented and mission driven while having a forgiving spirit. Tying into last weeks sermon on how to let go of bitterness. 

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