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The Roundtable

Dec 2020

Episode 8- Distractions

Jenny and Mike sit down with Tyler and Kaitlyn and talk through distractions in every day life. Also, on the difficulties of teaching a generation that has grown up in the era of smartphones.

Dec 2020

Episode 7- Travel Light

Listen to Mike and Jenny discuss week one of the Travel Light series and what traveling light really means.

Nov 2020

Episode 6: “The Dash”

Listen to Jenny and Mike talk about "The Dash". The space in your life where you will spend your eternity and how that should change on how you live your life.

Nov 2020

Episode 5: The Power of a Resurrected Lifestyle

Jenny and Mike talk through christian beliefs in todays world. Also the power a christian can have living a resurrected life.

Nov 2020

Episode 4: Go Fish Recap

Jenny and Mike talk through current events and the election. As well as, recap our Go Fish series. 

Oct 2020

Episode 3: Cafe of Hope

Jenny and Mike dive into Jennys story and what brought her to the Cafe of Hope, as well as the story and mission behind the Cafe.

Oct 2020

Episode 2: Champs Academy

In episode two listen to Mike talk with Rae Anne, and Gia about the true purpose of Champs Academy.

Oct 2020

Episode 1: Chris & Don

Welcome to the first episode of the Roundtable! Mike talks with Chris and Don about how they use their time, talent, and treasures to serve the Lord.

Aug 2020


At the Roundtable, we continue the conversations from Sunday morning and how you can learn practical ways to help every person take their next steps towards Jesus...together

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